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Presenting the 1st 15mm miniature Warriors of Ancient Hawaii

15mm Ancient Hawaiians
Chieftains, priests and standards, Bag of 12BXA-H01$3.25
Chieftains, priests and standards, Bag of 24BXA-H02$5.75
Nobles, Bag of 12BXA-H03$3.25
 Nobles, Bag of 24BXA-H04$5.75
Warriors with clubs, Bag of 12BXA-H05$3.25
 Warriors with clubs, Bag of 24BXA-H06$5.75
Warriors with javelins, Bag of 12BXA-H07$3.25
 Warriors with javelins, Bag of 24BXA-H08$5.75
Warriors with long spears/pikes, Bag of 12BXA-H09$3.25
 Warriors with long spears/pikes, Bag of 24BXA-H10$5.75
Slingers, Bag of 12BXA-H11$3.25
 Slingers, Bag of 24BXA-H12$5.75
 Outrigger canoe with two crewBXA-H13$3.00

15mm Army Packs - for DBA
DBA 2 IV/12c – BasicBXA-H20  $11.00
Command Stand (Noble, Priest & Standard) 
2 x 4 Pike (Noble Pike) 
3 x 2 Ps (Slingers)  
6 x 3 Bd (Club)  
Camp (canoe)  
DBA 2 IV/12c - Mega MixBXA-H22  $14.00
Command Stand (Noble, Priest & Standard)  
2 x 4 Pike (Noble Pike and Utility)  
3 x 2 Ps (Slingers & Javelin)  
6 x 3 Bd (mix of Clubs, Javelins, Nobles and Utility)  
Camp (canoe)  
Contains more figures!  



Presenting 15mm Early Hoplite Greeks

Early Greek Hoplites
 Early Greek Hoplites, Bag of 8BXA-G01-08$2.75
 Early Greek Hoplites, Bag of 12BXA-G01-12$3.25
 Early Greek Hoplites, Bag of 24BXA-G01-24$5.75
 Heavy / Medium Cavalry, Bag of 4BXA-G02-04$3.75
 Heavy / Medium Cavalry, Bag of 8BXA-G02-08$7.25
Thessalain Light Cavalry, Bag of 4BXA-G03-04$3.75
 Thessalain Light Cavalry, Bag of 8BXA-G03-08$7.25
Shieldless, Javelin, Bag of 8BXA-G04-08$2.75
 Shieldless, Javelin, Bag of 12BXA-G04-12$3.25
 Shieldless, Javelin, Bag of 24BXA-G04-24$5.75
 Medium / Light Infantry, Bag of 8BXA-G05-08$2.75
 Medium / Light Infantry, Bag of 12BXA-G05-12$3.25
 Medium / Light Infantry, Bag of 24BXA-G05-24$5.75
Slingers, Bag of 8BXA-G06-08$2.75
 Slingers, Bag of 12BXA-G06-12$3.25
 Slingers, Bag of 24BXA-G06-24$5.75
 Hoplites with cloaks (use for Spartans), Bag of 8BXA-G07-08$2.75
 Hoplites with cloaks (use for Spartans), Bag of 12BXA-G07-12$3.25
 Hoplites with cloaks (use for Spartans), Bag of 24BXA-G07-24$5.75
 Archers, Bag of 8BXA-G08-08$2.75
 Archers, Bag of 12BXA-G08-12$3.25
 Archers, Bag of 24BXA-G08-24$5.75
Early Greek Hoplites in bell cuirass, Bag of 8BXA-G09-08$2.75
 Early Greek Hoplites in bell cuirass, Bag of 12BXA-G09-12$3.25
 Early Greek Hoplites in bell cuirass, Bag of 24BXA-G09-24$5.75
 Command (Mounted General, foot officers and musicians)BXA-G10$2.75

15mm Army Packs - for DBA
DBA 2 I/52a - Argive 680-450BCBXA-G52a$10.00
Command Stand (1 x 4Sp) 
9 x 4 Sp (Hoplites) 
2 x 2 Ps (Slingers or Javelin) 
DBA 2 I/52b - Spartan 668-450BCBXA-G52b$10.50
Command Stand (1 x 4Sp) 
11 x 4 Sp (Hoplites with cloaks) 
DBA 2 I/52c - Thessalian 668-450BCBXA-G52c$10.00
Command Stand (1x3Cv) 
3 x 2 LH (Light Cavalry) 
4 x 4Sp (Hoplites) 
4 x 2 Ps (Slingers or Javelin) 
DBA 2 I/52d - Theban 668-450BCBXA-G52d$10.50
Command Stand (1x4 Sp) 
1 x 3 Cv (Cavalry) 
9 x 4Sp (Hoplites) 
1 x 2 Ps (Slingers or Javelin) 
DBA 2 I/52e - Athenian 668-541BCBXA-G52e$10.00
Command Stand (1x4 Sp) 
9 x 4Sp (Hoplites) 
2 x 2 Ps (Slingers or Javelin) 
DBA 2 I/52f - Athenian 540-450BCBXA-G52f$12.50
Command Stand (1x4 Sp) 
1 x 4 Sp / 1 x 3Cv  / 1 x 2LH (Hoplites / Cavalry / Light Cavalry 
7 x 4Sp (Hoplites) 
1 x 3 Ax / 1 x 4 Sp (Javelin w/shield / Hoplites 
1 x 2 Ps / 1 x 4Bw (Slingers, Javelin / Bow 
1 x 2 Ps (Slingers or Javelin) 
DBA 2 I/52h - Phokian or Aitolian 668-450BCBXA-G52h$9.00
Command Stand (1x4 Sp) 
3 x 4Sp (Hoplites) 
8 x 2 Ps (Javelin and Slingers) 
DBA 2 I/52i - Italiot or Siciliot 668-450BCBXA-G52i$11.50
Command Stand (1x3Cv) 
1 x 3 Cv / 2 LH (Cavalry / Light Horse) 
8 x 4Sp (Hoplites) 
2 x 2 Ps (Slingers or Javelin) 



15mm American Civil War

INFANTRY (in Kepi) 
 Attacking (bag of 8)BXI-100$2.75 
 Standing, on guard (bag of 8)BXI-100$2.75 
 Firing (kneeling and standing) (bag of 8)BXI-101$2.75 
 Marching, slung rifle, full uniform (bag of 8)BXI-102$2.75 
 Infantry Officer (bag of 4)BXI-103$1.50 
 Standard Bearer (bag of 4)BXI-104$1.50 
 Artillery Crew (bag of 6)BXI-105$2.00 
INFANTRY (in Slouch Hat) 
 Attacking (bag of 8)BXI-200$2.75 
 Standing, on guard (bag of 8)BXI-201$2.75 
 Standing, firing (bag of 8)BXI-202$2.75 
 Infantry Officer (bag of 4)BXI-203$1.50 
 Standard Bearer (bag of 4)BXI-204$1.50 
CAVALRY (in Kepi) 
 With Pistol (bag of 8)BXI-300$2.75 
 Firing Carbine (bag of 8)BXI-301$2.75 
CAVALRY (in Slouch Hat) 
 Attacking with sword (bag of 8)BXI-400$2.75 
 Carbine and thigh (bag of 8)BXI-401$2.75 
 Kepi (24 figures (misc poses) including Command)BXI-500$8.00 
 Slouch Hat (24 figures (misc poses) including Command)BXI-600$8.00 

Pictures Coming Soon

Our 15mm ACW figures are some of sculptor Chris Munro's earliest work.
I don't recall the exact date these figures were created, it would have been early - possibly at the same time (or shortly after) he was working with Jack Scruby in Cambria Califonia.

Today Chris operates the Soldier Gallery in Cambria California (across the street from the former location of Jack Scruby's Soldier Factory store). Chris is a very talented sculptor he has done work of King and Country, he has his own line of Toy Soldiers and most recently some 1/30 ACW figures for March Through Times Military Miniatures. From my perspective it is interesting to see how much Chris has progressed and improved over the years. While I enjoy these ealry ACW figures, they are clean, simple sculpts (cheap and easy to produce too) I really like his more recent work (I need more for my collection)...



Bloodaxe 15mm First Italo–Ethiopian War

The First Italo–Ethiopian War was fought between Italy and Ethiopia in 1895-1896.

The end result was an Ethiopian victory. Ethiopia was the only African nation to successfully resist European colonialism…

More Pictures - Coming Soon!

Eritrean Ascari
 Eritrean Ascari, bag of 8BXKA-001$2.00
 Eritrean Ascari, bag of 12BXKA-002$2.75
 Eritrean Ascari, bag of 24BXKA-003$5.25
 Eritrean Ascari Officer, bag of 4BXKA-004$1.50
 Eritrean Ascari Utility, bag of 4BXKA-005$1.50
 Eritrean Ascari Standing Crew/Utility, bag of 4BXKA-006$1.50
 Eritrean Ascari Kneeling Crew, bag of 4BXKA-007$1.50
Eritrean Ascari Camel Scout, bag of 4BXKA-008$3.75
 Eritrean Ascari Camel Scout, bag of 8BXKA-009$7.25
Eritrean Ascari Camel Scout Leader/Officer, bag of 4BXKA-010$3.75
Italian Regulars - Sun Helmet
 Italian Regular Infantry, bag of 8BXKA-101$2.00
 Italian Regular Infantry, bag of 12BXKA-102$2.75
 Italian Regular Infantry, bag of 24BXKA-103$5.25
 Italian Regular Infantry Officers, bag of 4BXKA-104$1.50
 Italian Regular Infantry Officers (soft cap), bag of 4BXKA-104a$1.50
 Italian Regular Infantry Utility, bag of 4BXKA-105$1.50
 Italian Regular Infantry Standing Crew/Utility, bag of 4BXKA-106$1.50
 Italian Regular Infantry Kneeling Crew, bag of 4BXKA-107$1.50
Italian Mounted Officers, bag of 4BXKA-108$1.50
 Italian Mounted Officers (soft cap), bag of 4BXKA-109$1.50
Italian Cavalry, bag of 4BXKA-110$3.75
 Italian Cavalry, bag of 8BXKA-111$7.25
Italian Bersaglieri
 Italian Bersaglieri, bag of 8BXKA-201$2.00
 Italian Bersaglieri, bag of 12BXKA-202$2.75
 Italian Bersaglieri, bag of 24BXKA-203$5.25
 Italian Bersaglieri Officer, bag of 4BXKA-204$1.50
 Italian Bersaglieri Standing Crew/Utility, bag of 4BXKA-206$1.50
 Italian Bersaglieri Kneeling Crew, bag of 4BXKA-207$1.50
Ethiopian Waruari (Spearmen, misc. poses)
Ethiopian Waruari (Type 1 Spearmen), bag of 8BXKA-301$2.00
 Ethiopian Waruari (Type 1 Spearmen), bag of 12BXKA-302$2.75
 Ethiopian Waruari (Type 1 Spearmen), bag of 24BXKA-303$5.25
Ethiopian Waruari (Type 2 Spearmen), bag of 8BXKA-304$2.00
 Ethiopian Waruari (Type 2 Spearmen), bag of 12BXKA-305$2.75
 Ethiopian Waruari (Type 2 Spearmen), bag of 24BXKA-306$5.25
Ethiopian Neftenya (Riflemen, misc. poses)
Ethiopian Neftenya (Type 1 Riflemen), bag of 8BXKA-401$2.00
 Ethiopian Neftenya (Type 1 Riflemen), bag of 12BXKA-402$2.75
 Ethiopian Neftenya (Type 1 Riflemen), bag of 24BXKA-403$5.25
Ethiopian Neftenya (Type 2 Riflemen), bag of 8BXKA-404$2.00
 Ethiopian Neftenya (Type 2 Riflemen), bag of 12BXKA-405$2.75
 Ethiopian Neftenya (Type 2 Riflemen), bag of 24BXKA-406$5.25
Ethiopian Command
Ethiopian Zmatch (nobleman, foot with sword), bag of 4BXKA-501$1.50
Ethiopian Zmatch (nobleman, mounted with sword), bag of 4BXKA-502$3.75
Ethiopian Leader (foot with sword), bag of 4BXKA-503$1.50
Ethiopian Leader (mounted with sword), bag of 4BXKA-504$3.75
Ethiopian Cavalry
Ethiopian Cavalry (sword), bag of 4BXKA-601$3.75
Ethiopian Cavalry (spear), bag of 4BXKA-602$3.75
Ethiopian Cavalry (rifle), bag of 4BXKA-603$3.75
 Ethiopian Cavalry (sword), bag of 8BXKA-604$7.25
 Ethiopian Cavalry (spear), bag of 8BXKA-605$7.25
 Ethiopian Cavalry (rifle), bag of 8BXKA-606$7.25
Ethiopian Camel Scouts (spear), bag of 4BXKA-607$3.75
Ethiopian Camel Scouts (rifle), bag of 4BXKA-608$3.75
 Ethiopian Camel Scouts (spear), bag of 8BXKA-609$7.25
 Ethiopian Camel Scouts (rifle), bag of 8BXKA-610$7.25
Artillery and Misc.
 Maxim Gun, bag of 2BXKX-1501$2.00
 Colt Machine Gun, bag of 2BXKX-1502$2.00
 Mountain Gun, bag of 2BXKX-1503$2.00
 Field Gun, bag of 2BXKX-1504$2.00

Skirmish Packs (NEW)
Suitable for use with The Men Who Would be Kings – TMWWBK
ItaliansBXKA-SKP-1  $12.00
12 x Bersaglieri (Elite Infantry) 
24 x Regular Infantry 
16 x Eritrean Ascari  
1 Mountain Gun with crew  
EthiopianBXKA-SKP-2  $19.00
8 x Ethiopian Cavalry 
24 x Ethiopian Irregular Infantry 
32 x Ethiopian Tribal Infantry  
1 x Field Gun with crew  
Combined Italo-EthiopianBXKA-SKP-3  $30.00
12 x Bersaglieri (Elite Infantry) 
24 x Regular Infantry 
16 x Eritrean Ascari  
1 Mountain Gun with crew  
8 x Ethiopian Cavalry 
24 x Ethiopian Irregular Infantry 
32 x Ethiopian Tribal Infantry  
1 x Field Gun with crew  



Bloodaxe 15mm Moro Rebellion

U.S. in the Philippines
U.S. Infantry, bag of 8BXK-001$2.00
 U.S. Infantry, bag of 12BXK-002$2.75
 U.S. Infantry, bag of 24BXK-003$5.25
U.S. Infantry Officers, bag of 4BXK-004$1.50
 U.S. Infantry Officers, bag of 8BXK-005$2.75
U.S. Infantry Utiltiy Man, bag of 4BXK-006$1.50
 U.S. Infantry Utiltiy Man, bag of 8BXK-007$2.75
U.S. Infantry, Colt MG with crew of 2, bag of 4BXK-008$2.75
 U.S. Infantry, Colt MG with crew of 2, bag of 8BXK-009$5.25
Philippine Scouts/Constabulary
Philippine Scouts/Constabulary, bag of 8BXK-020$2.00
 Philippine Scouts/Constabulary, bag of 12BXK-021$2.75
 Philippine Scouts/Constabulary, bag of 24BXK-022$5.25
Moro Warriors
Moro w/barong, bag of 8BXK-030$2.00
 Moro w/barong, bag of 12BXK-031$2.75
 Moro w/barong, bag of 24BXK-032$5.25
Moro w/spear, bag of 8BXK-033$2.00
 Moro w/spear, bag of 12BXK-034$2.75
 Moro w/spear, bag of 24BXK-035$5.25
Moro w/rifle, bag of 8BXK-036$2.00
 Moro w/rifle, bag of 12BXK-037$2.75
 Moro w/rifle, bag of 24BXK-038$5.25
Moro Banner bearer, bag of 4 (assembly required)BXK-039$1.75
Filipino Insurgents
 Insurecto w/barong, bag of 8BXK-040$2.00
 Insurecto w/barong, bag of 12BXK-041$2.75
 Insurecto w/barong, bag of 24BXK-042$5.25
 Insurecto w/rifle, bag of 8BXK-043$2.00
 Insurecto w/rifle, bag of 12BXK-044$2.75
 Insurecto w/rifle, bag of 24BXK-045$5.25
 Insurecto Utility Man, bag of 8BXK-046$2.00
 Insurecto Leader, bag of 4BXK-047$1.50
Spanish (1898)
Spanish Infantry, bag of 8BXK-101$2.00
Spanish Infantry, bag of 12BXK-102$2.75
 Spanish Infantry, bag of 24BXK-103$5.25
Spanish Infantry Officers, bag of 4BXK-104$1.50
Spanish Utiltiy Man, Standing, bag of 4BXK-105$1.50
 Spanish Utiltiy Man, Standing, bag of 8BXK-106$2.75
Spanish Utiltiy Man, Kneeling, bag of 4BXK-107$1.50
 Spanish Utiltiy Man, Kneeling, bag of 8BXK-108$2.75
Spanish Cavalry, bag of 4BXK-111$3.75
 Spanish Cavalry, bag of 8BXK-112$7.25

NOTE: Moro Spear packs include 'extra' loose shields.

Filipino Insurgents: Pictures Coming Soon!

Next up US Cavalry. Watch for more information

Currently researching: The Pulahan...

The Moro Rebellion refers to U.S. military operations in Moroland, Philippines, from the end of the Spanish-American War to the hand-over of control of the Moro Province to American civil authorities in 1913.

The Moro Rebellion is often referred to as the second phase of the Philippine-American War. While the term rebellion may not be the technically correct term, it is what we will use to refer to this conflict where American forces did not face a unified insurgency or nationalistic movement, but rather the forces of individual tribal chieftains who refused to accept American control as well as localized popular uprisings…

For a bit of background material written by Jack Scruby take a look at this extraction from Jack’s article “Asiatic “Colonial” Wargames” from Miniature Parade, Volume 2 Number 2 - October 1968:

The Philippine Scouts were composed of Filipinos enlisted as members of the regular United States Army. The units were generally officered by Americans and a few Filipino graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

The Philippine Scouts were raised by the US Army during the Philippine American War (1899-1902). They served as auxiliaries to the US units and assisted in various duties such as navigation and combat.

Our Philippine Scouts are dressed in US Uniform and hat from waist up, native breach cloth from the waist down.

Links of Interest:

Philippine-American War, 1899-1902
Uncle Sam, the Moros, and the Moro Campaigns
Battle of Dolores River
The Pulahan



Bloodaxe 15mm Russo-Japanese War

1904 Japanese Infantry
Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 4BXRJ-001$1.50
 Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXRJ-002$2.75
Dismounted Cavalry (misc. poses) Bag of 4BXRJ-003$1.50
 Dismounted Cavalry (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXRJ-004$2.75
Cavalry Bag of 4BXRJ-005$3.75
 Cavalry Bag of 8BXRJ-006$7.25
Artillery Crew (bag of 6)BXRJ-007$2.00
Infantry Officer (bag of 4)BXRJ-008$1.50
2-man crewed Machine Guns (Bag of 4)BXRJ-009$2.75
 2-man crewed Machine Guns (Bag of 8)BXRJ-010$5.25
1904 Artillery (bag of 2)BXRJ-011$2.00

Use WWI Russians for Russo-Japanese War Russians

The Russo-Japanese War developed out of the rivalry between Russia and Japan for dominance in Korea and Manchuria. In 1898 Russia had pressured China into granting it a lease for the strategically important port of Port Arthur, at the tip of the Liaotung Peninsula. Additionally, in 1896 Russia had concluded an alliance with China against Japan and, in the process, had won rights to extend the Trans-Siberian Railroad across Chinese-held Manchuria to the Russian seaport of Vladivostok, thus gaining control of an important strip of Manchurian territory.

The war began on Feb. 8, 1904, with the Japanese fleet launching a surprise attack and siege on the Russian naval squadron at Port Arthur. In March the Japanese landed an army in Korea that quickly overran that country. In May another Japanese army landed on the Liaotung Peninsula, and on May 26 it cut off the Port Arthur garrison from the main body of Russian forces in Manchuria. The Japanese then pushed to the north, and the Russian army fell back to Mukden. In October the Russians went back on the offensive with the help of reinforcements received via the Trans-Siberian Railroad, but their attacks proved indecisive due to poor military leadership.

The final battle of the land war was fought at Mukden in late February and early March 1905, between Russian forces totaling 330,000 men and Japanese totaling 270,000. After long and stubborn fighting and heavy casualties on both sides, the Russian commander, General A.N. Kuropatkin, broke off and withdrew his forces northward from Mukden, which fell into the hands of the Japanese. Losses in this battle were heavy; approximately 89,000 Russian and 71,000 Japanese casualties.

May 27–29, 1905, in a battle in the Tsushima Straits, Admiral Togo Heihachiro's main Japanese fleet destroyed the Russian Baltic Fleet. Japan was by this time financially exhausted, but its decisive naval victory at Tsushima, together with increasing internal political unrest throughout Russia, where the war had never been popular, brought the Russian government to the peace table.



Bloodaxe 15mm WWI Russians

Russian Infantry & Cavalry - Peaked Cap
Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-001$1.50
 Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-002$2.75
Dismounted Cavalry (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-003$1.50
 Dismounted Cavalry (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-004$2.75
Cavalry Bag of 4BX-005$3.75
 Cavalry Bag of 8BX-006$7.25
Artillery Crew (bag of 6)BX-007$2.00
Infantry Officer (bag of 4)BX-008$1.50
2-man crewed Maxim Guns (Bag of 4)BX-009$2.75
 2-man crewed Maxim Guns (Bag of 8)BX-010$5.25
1914 Artillery (bag of 2)BX-011$2.00
Mounted Officer - Peaked Cap (bag of 4)BX-012$3.75
Russian Infantry & Cavalry - Fur Cap
Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-201$1.50
 Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-202$2.75
Dismounted Cavalry (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-203$1.50
 Dismounted Cavalry (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-204$2.75
Cavalry Bag of 4BX-205$3.75
 Cavalry Bag of 8BX-206$7.25
Infantry Officer (bag of 4)BX-208$1.50
2-man crewed Maxim Guns (Bag of 4)BX-209$2.75
 2-man crewed Maxim Guns (Bag of 8)BX-210$5.25
Miscellaneous & Utility figures
Engineers/Laborers (Bag of 3)BX-900$1.50
 Engineers/Laborers (Bag of 6)BX-901$2.75

In 1914 the Russian Army was the largest army in the world, standing at 1,400,000 soldiers; when fully mobilized the Russian army expanded to over 5,000,000 soldiers. However, Russia's poor roads and railways made the effective deployment of these soldiers difficult...



Bloodaxe 15mm WWI Germans

German Infantry & Dragoons - Picklehaub 
Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-101$1.50 
 Infantry (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-102$2.75 
Dismounted Dragoon (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-103$1.50
 Dismounted Dragoon (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-104$2.75 
Dragoons Bag of 4BX-105$3.75 
 Dragoons Bag of 8BX-106$7.25 
Artillery Crew (bag of 6)BX-107$2.00 
Infantry Officer (bag of 4)BX-108$1.50 
2-man crewed Machine Guns (Bag of 4)BX-109$2.75 
 2-man crewed Machine Guns (Bag of 8)BX-110$5.25 
1914 Artillery (bag of 2)BX-011$2.00 
German Mounted Officer - Picklehaub Bag of 4BX-112$3.75 

In 1914, the German Army's estimated strength was approximately 840,000 men from all arms of service. The strength of the Army Corps remained the massed infantry regiments from throughout the German Empire.

Each infantry Regiment was composed of three battalions, logically numbered I, II and III - each battalion was formed from four Companies, numbered one to twelve throughout the Regiment. In 1914, the Regiment possed a single Machine Gun Company. In 1916, there was an additional Machine Gun Company per batallion; the Machine Gun Companies were considered independent, due differing strength and organization. Machine-gun Companies were numbered 1, 2 and 3 throughout the entire regiment.

German Infantry - Tschako (Shako)
 Jaeger (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-111$1.50
 Jaeger (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-112$2.75
 Infantry Officer (bag of 4)BX-113$1.50
 2-man crewed Machine Guns (Bag of 4)BX-114$2.75
 2-man crewed Machine Guns (Bag of 8)BX-115$5.25

Often overlooked, the Jaegers of the Imperial German Army are fast moving, light infantry troops; they fought on every front, from the mountainous passes of Macedonia to the bloody battle of Verdun…

Our Jaegers can also be painted/used as Landwehr.

German Uhlan
Dismounted Uhlan (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX-116$1.50
 Dismounted Uhlan (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX-117$2.75
Mounted Uhlan Bag of 4BX-118$3.75
 Mounted Uhlan of 8BX-119$7.25
Miscellaneous & Utility figures
Engineers/Laborers (Bag of 3)BX-900$1.50
 Engineers/Laborers (Bag of 6)BX-901$2.75

After seeing mounted action in the early weeks of the Great War the Uhlan regiments typically served dismounted as "cavalry rifles" in the trenches of the Western Front, or were transferred to the Eastern Front where conditions made it possible for horse cavalry to still play a useful role. All twenty-six German Uhlan regiments were disbanded in the 1918 – 1919 timeframe.



Great War Spearhead is a set of wargaming rules where one stand equals a company, and games involving 2 or 3 Corps per side can be played out in 3-4 hours. It is based around the Spearhead World War II rules.

With the help of Shawn Taylor, designer of GWSH, we have designed several unit packs for use with the GWSH rules set.

Don't play GWSH; if your game uses one Stand to represent one Company, our packaged sets should work just fine for you too.

Unit Packs Designed for Great War Spearhead
 1914 German Infantry RegimentGWSH-g01$13.50
 1914 Russian Infantry RegimentGWSH-r01$14.95



 15mm INTERWAR PERIOD (1918-1939)

Bloodaxe 15mm Interwar Period (1918-1939)

German Sd.Kfx 231 (rad6)BX2-003$3.25
Field Car (generic)BX2-004$2.00
 French Char D2 Medium TankBX2-005$4.00
 French FCM 36 Light TankBX2-006$4.00
 Polish TKS TanketteBX2-007$2.50
 Polish Light Armored CarBX2-008$2.25

The interwar period is the period between the end of the First World War and the beginning of the Second World War in Europe.

Sd.Kfz 231 (rad6)
The first of the German armored cars, the Sd.Kfz 231 was based on a modified 6x4 truck chassis. The 231 was armed with a 20mm cannon and had a second driver in the rear so that the vehicle could be driven either forwards or backwards with relative ease.

The 231 was introduced into service in 1932 and was replaced in 1937 when the German Army switched to 8-wheeled armored cars instead of 6-wheeled. Used by Aufklärungs (SS reconnaissance) during the Polish September Campaign and in the Battle of France, and were withdrawn afterwards for use in internal security and training.

TKS Tankette
Production of the Polish designed TK tankette ran from 1931 to 1939. The design was based on an improved British Carden Loyd tankette. Our model is loosely based on the improved TKS version (improved hull and more powerful engine) The TKS was an improved model with a new hull (thicker armor, up to 10mm thick) and a more powerful engine. Standard armament was a machine gun. However in 1939 a program was begun to re-arm the TKS with 20mm guns (few conversions were completed by the outbreak of WWII)

The bulk of Polish armored forces were made up of the TK/TKS tankettes .The tankettes were too lightly armed and armored, thus stood little chance against opposing German tanks (the Panzer I being the exception).

Samochód pancerny wz. 34
A light armored car of Polish design entered service in 1934 and, while obsolete, was in use by [some] reconnaissance units during the 1939 September Campaign.

These armored cars armed with either a 7.92 mm Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun or a short-barreled 37 mm gun.

Soviet Infantry in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) (misc. poses) Bag of 4BX2-100$1.50
 Soviet Infantry in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) (misc. poses) Bag of 8BX2-101$2.75
 Soviet Infantry in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) (misc. poses) Bag of 24BX2-102$5.25
Soviet Infantry Officer in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) Bag of 4BX2-103$1.50
Soviet Maxim Gun & Crew in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) Bag of 4BX2-104$2.75
 Soviet Maxim Gun & Crew in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) Bag of 8BX2-105$5.25
Soviet Cavalry in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) (Bag of 4)BX2-106$3.75
 Soviet Cavalry in Budenka Cap (1919-1941) (Bag of 8)BX2-107$7.25
Engineers/Laborers (Bag of 3)BX-900$1.50
 Engineers/Laborers (Bag of 6)BX-901$2.75




See 15mm Interwar Period for Early War Troops and Vehicles

American Infantry
Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-A99$2.00
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-A98$5.25
Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-A97$2.00
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-A96$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 24BXE-A95$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 50BXE-A94$10.50
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 100BXE-A93$20.75
 2-man crewed Mortars (Bag of 4)BXE-A92$2.50
 2-man crewed HMG (Bag of 4)BXE-A91$2.50
 Infantry with Bazooka (Bag of 4)BXE-A90$2.50
Infantry with Flamethrower (Bag of 4)BXE-A89$2.50


French Infantry
Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-F99$2.75
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-F98$5.25
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-F97$2.75
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-F96$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 24BXE-F95$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 50BXE-F94$10.50
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 100BXE-F93$20.75
 Infantry (mixed poses, armed with LMG) Bag of 8BXE-F89$2.75
 Infantry Officer Bag of 4BXE-F08$1.50
Mounted Officer Bag of 4BXE-F12$3.75
Misc. French Troops & Equipment
Cavalry (Bag of 4)BXE-F03$3.00
 Cavalry (Bag of 8)BXE-F04$5.50
Draft Horses (pair)BXE-F05$1.50
 Draft Horses (Bag of 4)BXE-F06$5.75
French Tracks & Wheels
 Motorcycles with sidecars (bag of 4)BXE-F78$1.50
 Motorcycles with sidecars (bag of 8)BXE-F79$3.00
 Panhard Armored CarBXE-F13$TBD
 FCM 36 Light TankBXE-F14$TBD
 Char D2 Medium TankBXE-F15$TBD

More pictures, motorcycles & support weapons coming soon!

A note on Tanks & Armored cars: These were designed as gaming pieces rather than scale models. If you want accurately detailed models these will not be for you. If, like us, you want game pieces they will be "ok-fine".


German Infantry (in helmet)
Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-G99$2.00
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-G98$5.25
Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-G97$2.00
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-G96$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 24BXE-G95$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 50BXE-G94$10.50
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 100BXE-G93$20.75
2-man crewed Mortars (Bag of 4)BXE-G92$2.50
 2-man crewed HMG Gun (Bag of 4)BXE-G91$2.50
2-man crewed MMG (Bag of 4)BXE-G90$2.50
Infantryman with Flamethrower (Bag of 4)BXE-G89$1.50
Infantryman with Panzerfaust (Bag of 4)BXE-G88$1.50
German Infantry (in field cap)
Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-G299$2.00
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-G298$5.25
Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-G297$2.00
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-G296$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 24BXE-G295$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 50BXE-G294$10.50
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 100BXE-G293$20.75
 2-man crewed HMG Gun (Bag of 4)BXE-G291$2.50
Infantryman with Panzerfaust (Bag of 4)BXE-G288$1.50


Italian Infantry
Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-I99$2.75
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-I98$5.25
Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-I97$2.75
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-I96$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 24BXE-I95$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 50BXE-I94$10.50
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 100BXE-I93$20.75
Infantry with LMG Bag of 4BXE-I89$1.50
Infantry Officer Bag of 4BXE-I08$1.50
Misc. Italian Troops & Equipment
Cavalry (Bag of 4)BXE-I03$3.00
 Cavalry (Bag of 8)BXE-I04$5.50
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-IB99$2.75
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-IB98$5.25
Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-IB97$2.75
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-IB96$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 24BXE-IB95$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 50BXE-IB94$10.50
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 100BXE-IB93$20.75
 Infantry with LMG Bag of 4BXE-IB89$1.50
Infantry Officer Bag of 4BXE-IB08$1.50
Misc. Bersaglieri Equipment
Motorcycles (bag of 4)BXE-IB76$1.25
 Motorcycles (bag of 8)BXE-IB77$2.75
Motorcycles with sidecars (bag of 4)BXE-IB78$1.50
 Motorcycles with sidecars (bag of 8)BXE-IB79$3.00

Support weapons coming soon!


Soviet Infantry
Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-R99$2.75
 Infantry with rifles (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-R98$5.25
Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 8BXE-R97$2.75
 Infantry with SMG (misc. poses) Bag of 24BXE-R96$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles & SMG) Bag of 24BXE-R95$5.25
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 50BXE-R94$10.50
 Infantry (mixed poses, rifles, SMG & LMG) Bag of 100BXE-R93$20.75
2-man crewed Mortars (Bag of 4)BXE-R92$2.50
2-man crewed Maxim gun (Bag of 4)BXE-R91$2.50
2-man crewed DP MG (Bag of 4)BXE-R90$2.50
Infantry (mixed poses, armed with DP LMG) Bag of 8BXE-R89$2.75
 Infantryman with Flamethrower (Bag of 4)BXE-R88$1.50
 Infantryman with Panzerfaust (Bag of 4)BXE-R87$1.50
Soviet Tracks & Wheels
T34/76 Medium TankBXE-R75$6.00
Motorcycles (bag of 4)BXE-R76$1.25
 Motorcycles (bag of 8)BXE-R77$2.75
Motorcycles with sidecars (bag of 4)BXE-R78$1.50
 Motorcycles with sidecars (bag of 8)BXE-R79$3.00
Misc. Soviet Troops & Equipment
Anti-Tank Gun w/crew of twoBXE-R01$1.50
 Anti-Tank Gun w/crew of two (Bag of 2)BXE-R02$2.75
Cavalry (Bag of 4)BXE-R03$3.00
 Cavalry (Bag of 8)BXE-R04$5.50
Draft Horses (pair)BXE-R05$1.50
 Draft Horses (Bag of 4)BXE-R06$5.75
105 (generic) Howitzer (Bag of 2)BXE-R07$1.50
Artillery/Utilityman (Bag of 4)BXE-R07$1.50
 Artillery/Utilityman (Bag of 8)BXE-R07$2.75


Misc. Equipment
105 (generic) Howitzer (Bag of 2)BX2-001$1.50
 105 (generic) Howitzer (Bag of 4)BX2-002$2.75




15mm Livestock

Cows, Dogs, Goats & Pigs 
 Cows (bag of 6)BXL-101$1.75 
 Dogs (bag of 6)BXL-102$1.75 
 Goats (bag of 6)BXL-103$1.75 
 Pigs (bag of 6)BXL-104$1.75 
 Dogs & Pigs (bag of 6)BXL-105$1.75 
 Cows, Dogs, Goats & Pigs (bag of 8)BXL-106$2.00 

That's right, livestock!
Why 15mm livestock?
Well, one needs farm animals and the like for camps in DBA as well as for dioramas of all kinds.

Dogs and Pigs courtesy of Tony at ERM

Cow and Goat scuplts date back to the late 70's - some of my first attempts at sculpting


 25mm Hebridians

Presenting 25mm Hebridians

 DescriptionPart Number1 - 1112 or more
Hebridian with AxeBXA-25000$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian with AxeBXA-25001$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian with AxeBXA-25002$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian with AxeBXA-25003$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian with AxeBXA-25004$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian ArcherBXA-25005$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian ArcherBXA-25006$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian Open Hands*BXA-25007$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian Open Hands*BXA-25008$1.50 each$1.25 each
Hebridian Open Hands*BXA-25009$1.50 each$1.25 each

* Hebridian Open Hands figures include an accessory set


 25mm Great Northern War

More Bloodaxe Miniatures figures coming soon!

Great Northern War
 DescriptionPart Number1 - 1112 or more
 Swedish MusketeerBXA-00000$1.50 each$1.25 each



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